Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Tips for Selling on Poshmark

My cousin told me about this app called Poshmark where you buy and sell pre-owned women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. She mentioned she was making some really good money selling items that she did not use anymore. I was very interested as I also had a closet full of items I no longer used. I quickly downloaded the app and tried to figure it out. For the most part, the app is easy to use and pretty fun! It’s exciting to get a notification saying one of your items has sold and there’s money on its way to your account. I have only sold a few hundred dollars worth of items so far but in a quick time, I learned the following:

1. Take photos of the item in an area that has excellent lighting. You really want the “customers” in your “shop” to feel like they know exactly what they are purchasing and bright lighting really helps. Make sure there’s not too much going on in the background of the photo, you want to make sure the item is the main focus and the buyer isn’t distracted by the background. Poshmark even includes camera filters to make sure you get the perfect snapshot of your item.

2. You want to make sure your item description is detailed and includes any necessary measurements. For example, if you are selling an item that has a snag in the fabric, make sure you note that it has a snag in the description and post an up close picture of the snag. Or if the tag says small but it fits more like a medium, make sure you explain that as well in the description. I have found that the customers are still interested in items that aren’t perfect as long as they know what they are getting when they purchase.

3. Be active!  SHARE. SHARE, SHARE your listings as well as other poshers listings to your followers. I try and make it a point to share a fellow poshers listing if they took the time to share mine.  Make sure to get involved in Posh Parties when they are happening so your listings can have extra exposure. Be sure to share others listings in Posh Parties as well. Also, make sure you are following other poshers, the best way to grow your following is to follow others.

4. Respond to customers comments and questions in a timely manner. If you wait two weeks to reply to someone’s specific question regarding one of your items, you may lose your buyer! Be sure to have your notifications turned on so you are aware instantly when someone leaves a comment or likes your item.

5. I find this is an important one, wrap your items nicely. I always make sure to wrap the item I sold in a cute package with a bow so the buyer is really happy when they receive it. Who doesn’t love opening up a package that is gift wrapped! It’s an inexpensive way to leave a good impression on your buyer so they continue to shop in your closet. Think Target dollar section for cheap wrapping!

6. Learn the lingo and the rules. For example, NWT = new with tags, LMK = let me know. As far as the rules, make sure you read through them on the app and stick to them! For example, bad poshers will ask you to use Paypal, that is a big NO!

7. I always send along a hand-written thank you note in the package. I think it is a nice personal touch that goes a long way. I always make sure to include my handle so buyers can find me again if they ever want to come back and shop my closet. Once again, think Target dollar section where you can find 8 packs of super cute thank you cards for one dollar!

8. Make prices reasonable and realistic. A buyer will quickly leave your closet if you have a standard Old Navy tee listed for $80. Do your research, search other sites as well as Poshmark to see what the item is listed for. Take some time to consider the real value of the item to determine a price that works for the seller and the buyer!

9. FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW! The best way to increase your following is to follow other poshers!

10. Make sure you are sending your sold items out in a timely manner. I try to have my sold item sent out the day after it sold. If that isn’t possible, I will comment on the sold item listing and tag the buyer letting them know I am out of town and I will send the item on the day I return. I always make sure to have shipping boxes on hand and ready to go!

I’m not a Poshmark Pro just yet, but I wanted to share a few tips to help get you started on the app. As I learn more and have used the app to buy some items as well, I will make sure to post an update with new Poshmarking strategies. In the mean time, start taking great pics of your pre-used items and get to making some money, honey!

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