Thanksgiving Essentials & Hosting Like a Boss

Thanksgiving Essentials Under $50

I have yet to host my own Thanksgiving but I have been doing some research so when the time comes I am prepared. Hopefully the tips below help you actually enjoy your day with friends and family and not run around like a turkey with its head cut off.. see what I did there?!

Tips for hosting like a BOSS:

  1. Set table at least one day before. Need some inspiration? Read my Thanksgiving Table Inspiration post.
  2. Don’t try recipes for the first time on Thanksgiving. Unless you are an extraordinary cook, then go for the gold. Practice ahead of time or go with a recipes that you have done and nailed at least once.
  3. Grocery shop at least 5 days in advance. Obviously with a well thought out list. Don’t forget flowers!
  4. Make any dishes that can freeze well or stay in fridge for 2-3 days in advance. Think casseroles, veggies, cranberry sauce and desserts.
  5. Keep food warm by using microwave (because it’s insulated) as a holding area (obviously not with it turned on). Also, keep items like mashed potatoes or stuffing warm in a crockpot.
  6. Make sure all the rooms in your house are stocked and ready to go at least 3 days in advance. Think candles and hand towels in baths. Make sure any guest rooms are ready for out-of-town guests with clean towels and some candy or even better, booze waiting for them!
  7. Make sure any champagne, beer or white wine is in fridge the night before.
  8. If someone asks what they can bring last-minute, always say ICE! There never seems to be enough with a full house.
  9. Feed the kids first and get them in front of a movie so when the adults sit down to eat the parents can enjoy their meals without having to feed kids at same time. Obviously this might not work well with super young kids but worth a shot!
  10. Don’t beat yourself up for buying store-bought desserts. Not everyone has time for baking when hosting a 10 course meal! Or have one of your guests bring it!
  11. Have your guests bring their best dish. Like the above, if you have a guest that’s a bomb baker, then the pie is on them! Don’t forget the ice cream and whip cream.
  12. If you have a guest that’s notoriously late for events, DO NOT have them bring an appetizer. They get dessert or side dish duty.
  13. Assign seats so that everyone feels most comfortable.
  14. Have Tupperware and to-go containers ready to fill up for your guests to take leftovers.
  15. Try to enjoy yourself!!!! Don’t stress too much, it’s supposed to be about spending time with your friends and family…. not about the perfect turkey.


I pulled together my favorite festive Thanksgiving essentials under $50. Impress your guests with these affordable finds! How hilarious is the “get your fat pants ready” banner!? #keepitclassy

Thanksgiving Essentials Under $50


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‘Get Stuffed’ Stoneware Serving Platter

Marble & Wood Cake Stand

Antler Candleholder

Antler Bottle Stopper 

Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Thankful Stemless Wine Glass

French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin with Stand

Oak Leaf Wreath

Stag Head Décor

Get Your Fat Pants Ready Banner 

Thankful Embroidery Eucalyptus Wreath

Covered Pumpkin Pie Dish





How to host Thanksgiving like a boss

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