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Wired to Eat

Wired to Eat

I am finally back! Blogging took a backseat to wedding planning for the last month but now that we have the major details finalized, I’m back! I wanted to come back with a quick update on what has been keeping me entertained this last month! I am just about finished reading Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf and recommend for anyone looking to gain better control of their health by focusing on nutrition. Keep in mind this book is for someone who is already familiar with and open to the Paleo diet and wants to take their nutrition one step further by finding out which types and amounts of carbs work best for them. Robb talks about how “personalized nutrition” is the future of the health industry and the “one size fits all diets” are a thing of the past as every person has a different make up and can tolerate different foods.  He proposes a 30 day reset, which is basically a 30 day Paleo diet and then a 7 day carb test where you eat a different carb each morning and test your blood glucose levels 2 hours after eating. I have yet to take the 7 day carb test but I plan on doing it and based on my results, hopefully I can add more carbs into my diet. Robb is a huge fan of low carb and Paleo diets but he clearly shows that if you test well with a certain carb, say white rice, then that can be the carb you go to over white potatoes or other types of carbs that spike your insulin more. The test helps you narrow down which carb sources work best for your body and I can’t wait to give it a shot! 


Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished is a true crime investigative podcast that I stumbled upon and after the first couple episodes I was completely hooked. This podcast tells the heartbreaking story of the 2005 disappearance of Georgia beauty queen, Tara Grinstead.  It’s host, Payne Lindsey, takes you on a real-time investigative journey as he interviews the town locals and people in Tara’s life at the time of her disappearance and tries to figure out what happened to Tara. It’s fascinating what Payne uncovers every week as he digs deeper and deeper into this cold case. 


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S-Town is another investigative podcast that I stumbled on and was BLOWN AWAY by it. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast but I will warn you … it is completely  binge-worthy. I plowed through all the episodes in a few short days. The real life story is centered around Alabama native, John B. McLemore, who refers to his hometown as “Shit-town.”  John reached out to This American Life producer, Brian Reed, back in 2013 claiming that he knew of a murder that was being covered up in his “Shit-town” and asked him to “β€œcome down to this pathetic little Baptist shit town and blow it off the map.” Brian and John spend hours on the phone together and the story that unfolds is truly unbelievable. 


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Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (Netflix)

Hasan Minhaj’s standup stretches from him telling hysterical stories of him as a kid trying to date with strict Indian parents to the time his family was threatened after 9/11. His style takes you from hysterically laughing one second, then the very next thinking “why the hell are people so afraid of each other?” The way he intertwines comedy and current political issues it remarkable. This standup not only keeps you laughing, it also makes you think WTF can I do to make this world a better place.  Do yourself a favor and watch Homecoming King!! 

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