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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Lauren, my nickname is Lou, and I’m the creator of Land of Lou. I am in my early thirties and live in sunny San Diego, CA with my boyfriend Marc.

I am a butcher’s daughter, a makeup and beauty product junkie, a self-proclaimed comedian, and online shopaholic. I cannot imagine life without entertaining books, strong coffee, my iPhone, cocktails (more specifically vodka), and most importantly, great company.

I wanted a place to document my days and share information I have learned in my search to be the best version of me. Here you will find: real food recipes, safer beauty product recommendations and information, home design inspiration and of course, affordable fashion finds!  

In my day to day professional life, I work for a real estate investment company. Think along the lines of flipping houses and development, not selling.  I am not a real estate agent. Although I love real estate, sales has never been my thing. But I do have a strong love for design and seeing a product go from blah to bling! Growing up my Mom (“Sue Dawg” to her close pals), was always moving furniture around and redecorating on a tight budget which inspired my love for design early on.  I hope in some way to inspire all of you too!

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an incurable Autoimmune Disease that is best described as chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.  I have spent countless hours researching ways to reduce my inflammation and heal my digestive tract. This includes so much time spent learning about diet, lifestyle, and overall self-care to help my body and mind heal. Here on Land of Lou, I share information that is helping me live my best life. Whether that’s a real food, Paleo recipe or a non toxic beauty brand that I am obsessing over, I will share it all in the hopes to inspire others to live their best life!

Please feel free to contact me by email:  Lauren@landoflou.com and follow on Pinterest /  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Bloglovin‘.

















*Most images on this site were either taken by myself or Marc Caldwell, unless otherwise stated. We’re happy for you to share but please make sure to link back to the original post and give credit.

*DISCLAIMER: This blog may contain affiliate links, which means I have the possibility to earn a small commission should you make a purchase using a link from this blog. I only recommend products I would buy myself or have bought and loved! 


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